The 3 Systems of Bando Yoga

The 3 major systems of Bando Yoga are:

1. Dhanda Yoga
2. Longyi Yoga
3. Letha Yoga

Bando Yoga or Burmese Yoga is an ancient yoga system that has existed for many centuries. Bando Yoga is a form of yoga from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) often taught as an adjunct to the martial art of Bando. The purpose of Bando Yoga is to maintain health, prevent injury and restore health when injury has occurred. Bando Yoga is considered to be Shudra yoga, “yoga for lower caste or outcast people” or “yoga for menial and manual workers”. It was practiced by slaves, workers, monks, and warriors.

The practice of Bando Yoga is considered to be extremely important in maintaining one’s health and physical well-being. The three major yoga systems in Bando are:

Dhanda Yoga — a staff or a stick is used to stretch, align and adjust the body. The staff represents the spine, the support of the body.

Dhanda Yoga

Longyi Yoga — a 9-18 foot long cloth or rope is used to stretch, align and adjust the body. The rope represents the soft connective tissues of the body, tendons, and ligaments. Longyi Yoga is body manipulation, adjustment, and alignment of the joints that is accomplished with the aid of a rope or cloth. Longyi is technically a sheet of cloth worn in Burma, similar to a sarong or lungi. Longyi is pronounced “lone-gee”.

Longyi Yoga – Sitting

Letha Yoga — Partner-assisted improvement of circulation, stimulation of joints, structural alignment, and adjustment. Letha Yoga means “partner-assisted yoga”.

Letha Yoga

Dhanda and Longyi demonstration

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This is the official site for information about Bando Yoga, a yoga system of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Bando Yoga is a part of the Hanthawaddy Bando system that is preserved and offered for study by the National Bando Association of America and the American Bando Association. Bando was brought to the United States in the late 1950s by Dr. U Maung Gyi. The Bando Yoga presented here is the basis of the Bando discipline.
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